FoL Awards 2021 - Nominations Thread


Gonna throw out one of these for @GEYde while im at it

flavor in their setups is usually really funny

we need more flavor appreciation

I want to edit this in but I need to know which one(s) you’re seconding

best scum/neutral performance (individual) - legacy


Second this

Legacy Nomination:

Best Scum Performance (Group) - Ritual Mafia 4 - Alice/KyoDaz/Wazza (starting scum) + Marshal (converted D2) + EVO (converted d3) + katze (lost wolf)

This doesn’t require a writeup as long as the one I made when I nominated Whysper. Wolves controlled this game from start to finish. Even when the villagers happened to be correct, the thread influence of the wolves was too strong, and they pulled the game back into where they wanted it to be.

The fact some of the best wolves on the playerlist randed wolf definitely helped them, but I think this still deserves a nomination just due to the sheer dominance the wolfteam had. They controlled the entire game, and this is no exaggeration. Nothing happened without them orchestrating it. You may notice that two wolves have flipped, but both times it suited the wolves’ agenda, since they were sacrificing their members for mechanical benefits.

After sacrificing Kyo for mechanical benefits and converting Marshal day 2, one of the louder town voices, there was a massive snowball effect. From day 3 onwards, most of the analysis in the thread was done by wolves, and they spent a large amount of time meming in the scumchat about how wrong the townies were. It was understandable! Most townies had wolf-infested towncores. No wonder they did when most people doing the solving and analysis were wolves pretending to be solvy townies. One of the highlights of their thread dominance was how they killed a townie on night 2 and then proceeded to debate in the thread whether the townie’s last will was fake or not, when they had TMI on it being real. In hindsight, it looks like they are openwolfing and getting away with it scot-free.

From day 3 onwards, the game continued as smoothly as before. Even though in LyLo one of their members was voted by a villager, they had no trouble shifting the momentum and voting out the final villager, sealing the game in a wolf victory.

Ritual Mafia 4 was one of the most onesided games I have ever seen. You could say town lost the game at rand, but really, the wolfteam made it onesided. No game starts onesided.


I’ll nominate Mashal for Best Town Performance (small game) for her performance in Sonic the Heghog FM (played offsite on MU in our subforum.) While her first few days weren’t anything special, she turned up the dial and managed to box in both of the remaining scum once i died. She managed to narrow the scumteam down so much that it was near impossible for scum to win even after she was nightkilled just before final 3, letting gorta and whysper quickly cleanup the last mafia.






IC claim conversion op
what can I say

this was so fun to do

where it begins

vulgard suffers in dvc :joy_cat:

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i find it very annoying you cant nominate your own team for awards

ive played with so many good town teams recently smh

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Are former mods eligible?

former mod =/= mod


I nominate eevee for Community MVP
While he may have left the forums, that doesn’t mean you can’t get an award.
He showed us the flaws with the mod team, review team, and the community. These are things that some people are unwilling to face but are needed to be faced regardless, and he took on the challenge of doing so.


I second this


Im gonna turn it around on the nominator
and am nominating @thepigeonnyc for community mvp

The guy doesn’t really play mafia that much but is still active in the community
We’ve had our share of disagreements but in 2021 pigeon has been honestly a pretty chill part of the community. The guy clearly cares about this place in a way more than it just being a fun spot to hang out in.

It’s pretty early but I wanted to put this out there
because when I genuinely sit down and think “who here in 2021 (who is not a mod) is here and actively cares about improving and helping the community”
It’s pigeon

he posted this, which itself is enough for me