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So yeah title.

I’m relatively new to ToL (5 months-ish) and I recently started scouring the dark hole that is this fandom. Can someone explain to me what exactly a Forum game is, details, and how to join one? Much appreciated.


so i think its best If I explain what Forum Mafia is, then say how it relates to ToL and FoL

Forum Mafia games of mafia that typically have day phases that are, instead of 2-3 minutes long, 2-3 irl days long, with 1 irl day long nights. You are(obviously) not expected to be online for all of it, but this is a time commitment. This usually leads to more indepth social investigation of people’s actions, or as its called, reading people, to find their alignments mainly through what they say.

FoL(thats what the game is called) is a version of ToL adapted to be a Forum Mafia game. It’s roles are generally much less confirmable, there is little to no feedback in the game(depending on your class) and there are no trials. This is because Town has much more time to organize both reads on people and mechanics.

FoL is not the only Forum Mafia game run here, but it does come around every once in a little while.

You mightve already knew some of this stuff but thats the base, if you want to know what classes(the list is a bit different from ToL) that are in FoL I can direct you to the thread, but it has recently undergone some experimental changes that are yet to be tried out.

To join one, find a sign up thread(theres one going on rn, but its not FoL) and just type /in. Typically two games run at once here.

I hope this answered your questions


You know what I was gonna say something but this explains pretty much most of my words so ima just like this x]

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how dare you insult us
don’t look at me for advice

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Fandom is not an insult I wish

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to some it is
to most i think

Wish tol was big enough to be a fandom

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Wish tol was big enough to be a cult

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More people who play ToL (and also the main hub for getting questions answered) are at the official Discord

You should also join the unofficial Discord at

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Yes, everyone else is there.

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