FoL Feedback Thread

Class Card Thread

You can give your suggestions here on how you think Forum of Lies can be reasonably improved. This is the place for balance discussion, so please give us your feedback (constructively).

This is not a place for off-topic discussion, so please take that to the cookie thread, so we get those cookies sooner. :cookie:


These seem like good changes.
As usual, looking forward to more FoL games now.
Here’s to further forum fun and perplexing plays ^•^

There we go. Finally caught up to date essentially.

Still surprised mashochist already got added in actually considering it was told originally it was a DoL exclusive.

Pretty sure people are still sad that fool isn’t gone though

I want fool to exist but it needs to be nerfed to 1 or 2 days no executes. 3 is an instant loss to BD.

It is two days without execution, what are you talking about?

Excuse me? The cult people whined about it and they won? Salt is real on this one.

Maybe it’s an OP ability. Deception imo is a crutch

I can argue that this is not only used as self-defense, but you can cause chaos into believing that player that cannot be voted can be seen as demon.

Correct me if I am wrong, this ability is used only once throughout FoL history and it’s gone.

We didn’t remove it because of complaints, we removed it because (at least in my opinion) it was an ability that was either a complete game-changer or worthless, depending on circumstances.

EDIT: Also the fact that it slows the game down meaninglessly in the case of being worthless.

Also, I think Hippo is counting the day the Fool is executed on.

It’s pretty worthless imo because I was able just to nolynch and ignore that it had been used.
Eh, we’ll see how the changes are anyway. Let’s not make any pre-judgements!

It would have been game-changer in better circumstances, but all right.

Demon have to be stuck with just single day to empower the night ability to kill visitors bypassing all immunity, but have no occupation immunity. You can argue it hasn’t changed much but meh.

Deception seemed like an alright ability to me. Demon doesn’t really have any other abilities to survive compare to Posessor or anything, and it is just 1 use right.

Frost you waste a day hanging the fool and then you can’t lynch for 2 whole days. That is insane. The whole game shouldn’t be determined by one mislynch.

I mean I knew this court wizard claim is stinking of Fool’s underwear, but decide not to tell about it.

Pretty much destroyed my game as well.

I guess I’m quitting until Fool and Masochist are gone then


One of these roles was bad enough, why do we need two? That’s so backwards it hurts.

Did we even play the Masochist?

Not called Masochist, but I’ve been doing this for years, Frost, and I’ve played with this Joker crap enough to know it’s not fun either

Fool was bad enough, both is just unplayable.

I agree there was no reason to add the masochist at all. Like why?

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Prince is obviously gonna exe super scummy claims giving masochist a free win if he’s jailed as no prince in his right mind would not exe just because there is a chance of a masochist.

Evils being punished for killing someone else at night is utterly bullshit too. Hey guess what you assassinated someone as the assasin, here have a roleblock cuz fuck youuu.


Ah yeah…I am not feeling it.

In that case, do you think that the Masochist would work better/be less bastard if it couldn’t fulfil it’s win condition by being Prince exe’d, and the Traumatic passive being removed?

don’t forget for now ashe and fade are in charge of FoL

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