FoL Feedback Thread

Apparently they agree cuz I just got a DM saying I’m in.

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You sure it isn’t one of those spam emails from those bots?

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It is but the bot was Discobot so I think I can trust it.



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Before next FoL changes:

Changed to

The Good King :crossed_swords: :shield: :fire:

Blue Dragon Special
Pass the Torch (Passive) - If you die, a vote to determine the next king will be held at start of the next day. If you are lynched, all members of the Blue Dragon will lose their Royal Blood passive.
Head of State (Passive) - Immune to occupation and redirection. Your abilities will not be seen by investigative abilities. You can use both day abilities in the same day.
Grand Trial (Day) - Instantly put a player on trial for treason lasting up to 24 hours possibly extending day. They may provide a defense within 12 hours, and then the players alive may either vote to execute or pardon. If a majority of players vote to execute, the day will end and the player on trial will be lynched. Otherwise, the day will continue as normal. - 1 use
Allies (Day) - Choose up to three players. During this night, you will have a private chat with them. - Infinite Uses
Guard! (Night) - Choose a player. They will be immune to death tonight. - 3 uses :crown:
Swear Fealty (Night) - Make a player permanently immune to conversion. - 1 use (Starting King Only.)
Your objective is to defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

All other kings will be updated to reflect this

  • Removed doublevote
  • Added Allies
  • Removed punishment for lynching BD king

The Mystic :shield:

Blue Dragon Social
Religious Fervor (Passive) - Your presence ensures that any religious rivals do not nest in Adiart. The Priest will not spawn.
Warp Reality (Day) - Remove either majority or plurality from the execution system today. - 1 Use
Link Minds (Day) - Select two players that will have a private night chat for this night. Can select yourself. You will be privy to the chat at the end of the night. Can be used alongside Warp Reality. - Infinite Uses.
Your objective is to defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

All forms of conversion from mystic will also have this ability

  • Removed Telepathy
  • Added Warp Reality


  • Members of opposing Factions are not compatible
  • Royals are not compatible with each other
  • Members of Neutral Factions are compatible with everyone that they can win with
  • The Scorned is incompatible with whoever they mark this night

Voting is now majority + plurality

We have decided to continue with 16p for FoL for the time being
Removing king’s doublevote should reduce the swing factor of the game to manageable levels

We removed doublevote in order to allow the game to actually go slightly later than it has been

Could a mod add these to the FoL class card thread

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Just as suggestion
Make a new fol class card thread, so you guys can change them on your own

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Or just stop having mods leave the team

Or the team is mods

Or be less mean to mods :wink:

Tavernkeeper is bad with redirectable knights/Archers/alchemists

Wait, but you just added the punishment?

No, please, that would just torture me.

there was always one

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Sorry but, I don’t see a punishment on BD King.

I did it backwards didn’t I
good job me


Yes. Yes you did.

There was a punishment on lynching bd king and I reverted it
I edited the wrong area when making that post

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