FoL Feedback Thread

If you aren’t angry after a loss, you’ve lost twice
Therefore you should always be angry and show it to show how much you care


god ninja is a gold mine

you forgot the number one trick to playing well as any faction

self-vote, ATE, and demand that people lynch whichever villager is pushing you the hardest after the flip

the real reason FoL has balance issues is that we don’t count self-votes


winrate 100

You can now self vote

Is this an actual change

You can no kill and frame players like that. I think this is just a power all offensives have. Having supports out there can also cause this effect if no scum is jailed.

You can suicide as Cult for that. Acolyte, Ritualist counter it and even fake clear them then. Mastermind can convert whoever is occupying. Mastermind is occupy immune. Unseen probably has enough converts that work against this too. If you’re at 3 members, you’re not at a typically bad position anyways. Occupy immunity kicks in after 3 times, so it’s capped too, so I don’t think it is so dire that it needs additional measures, but I have nothing against it really on the other hand.


the gamer strats are enacting

Yes. A Possessor can’t force someone to shadow vote self tho

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selfvoting as town in mountainous 15er i think was a gamewinning strategy so this is true

like unironically i think it won town the game that i selfvoted like every day

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/vote Arete

omg scum start lolkatzeing and ATEing food

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It’s pepega tier inefficiency

Power roles such as invests take advantage of this
Not enough kills going out allows invests to solve game like pretty damn easily

/grand trial Geyde

I didn’t know that would make such impact? :thinking:

I also don’t see the application here? This is in regards to NK needing invest immunity? ~It’s been a long day.

please tell me self-GTs are a thing

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should I?



why would we ever need this