FoL Feedback Thread

That’s intentional yes

the obvious solution is to make all non-FoL games whisper games a la "ToL"FM and then make there be mechanical penalties for consulting players outside of the game, i.e: curses

this will definitely not be an awful idea

Where are the rules?

Thats like “hey if you need help we are here for you!”
“Gotcha actually we dont help you”


right, but you don’t communicate outside of the game Unless specifically allowed by the host. that’s why, unless there’s a particular mechanical reason why not (which is only going to happen in my dumb bastard games) i always allow hydra slots in my games

They are there for any mechanical questions and I’d say clarifying abbreviations for instance too.

Emphasis on human

only hyrdras known to all players, for reference, using either the “both players can post at once” or the “one player posts the other doesn’t” form of hydra

Eevee had a hidden four-man hydra in one game

Who let that get past review

The host helping a player otherwise would be bastard. If I lose against a new player, because I was also playing against the host unbeknownst to me, I’m going to be pissed tbh.

You’re going to be equally lost (if not more, due to time limit) if you boot up ToL for the first time.

I’m sure everyone would happily advice a newbie on their plays postgame

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technically a lovergroup and not a hydra but i digress

It was known as “bastard for educational purposes”

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Ok i am going to bed goodnight

Yep thats why we sometimes use screenshare to teach them while they are playing
Nothing is better than teaching during a game.

See, you lose some competitive value to foster a community.


Like I always said, I neither see tol nor fol as competetive games.

Mentor/Mentee shadowhydras being available for all games is the obvious solution, I swear.