FoL Feedback Thread

it is having influence
from outside sources

on a game
that directly gives a player an advantage


this directly affects integrity


Yea but I am talking about situation where that person doesn’t play the game

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I’m curious as to how being able to talk with others about an ongoing game is somehow that critical to your enjoyment of the game that you would have never played had you read the rules

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still an outside source influencing a game

which hurts game integrity

How about we propose a change so that this is far less likely to happen in the future, and if it DOES happen, it cannot be brushed up to misinterpreting the rules:

Change to

Do not communicate to anyone (player or non-player) about ongoing games. Only speak to other players in host-sanctioned threads.



If I asked my mother man look at this post from this game, should I shoot the person. Just because she isnt in game or never played before doesnt influence my descision

If they don’t tell anyone then it’s not

If they do then it’s on you

thats a fine change

Thank you.

did you just unironically use the arguemnt “it’s not illegal if you don’t get caught”


Everyone is happy

even better


no but i never am

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Yea but in that case you are asking for help rather than telling something

No I did not?

Are you arguing that I can tell my class to a brick wall?

I mean sure

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Hello oh-mighty ruleboi
Check out this proposed change

Emilia if I explained to mom the points why I think someones scum and say I have a killing role. Whats the difference if they say shoot or dont shoot or not speak. Even not answering or giving a gesture can be interpreted as things, and influence me

I mean they don’t always have to talk about the game to you if you are teaching them or just telling them about how you play