FoL Feedback Thread

Don’t forget that that doesn’t mean that Masochist or Fool are good

I still don’t get this though. Why aren’t they good?

They punish correct play

Honestly I’d be more inclined to see a defense of these roles

When I have time tomorrow I’m planning to write something up, but for now, what do they add? How are they fun? What do they accomplish?

fool is staying

But why is it staying?

because the FoL team have not decided it should not be removed

Do we get a reason for this? lol

the reason is we have not decided if it should be removed yet. we have other things

That’s fair. :+1:

I plan to make a post about this whole thing tomorrow. I probably should have before it bacame a vocal issue, but w/e I hoped maybe it wouldn’t come to that

I think fool is well designed. It gives a reason to think twice about people acting suspicious, so you have to figure out the line between someone being scum and someone being too scum.

But that’s inherently flawed. If somebody is acting scummy, you should probably lynch them. If somebody is scum, lynching them should be good. Fool destroys both of these core foundations of the Mafia experience. It is considered a “bastard” role for good reason.

I still feel as if it adds an extra layer of complexity to the game and it wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable without it.

I think you’ll find the opposite is true through experience.

Id be inclined to just nerf fool and get rid of masochist. Unlike orange I do like fool but atm the penalty for lynching one is far too severe.

FoL is a community not a proper game. Do polls and stuff to see what we all think and take the actual players input instead of doing it all behind closed doors which only helps in giving an inflated sense of self-worth.



It’s not an extra layer of complexity it’s just not fun.

Did you just catch all those subtle scumtells? HAHHAHAHAHHA GET PUNISHED BEING ABLE TO SCUMREAD GET REKT NUB

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The Fool has been updated:

  • Poor Fellow passive changed.

Poor Fellow (Passive) - If you are executed by the court, those who accused you of treason will be unable to vote at all for the following day. Those blocked from voting do not count towards majority.


slight improvement yay :roll_eyes:

I somehow missed this topic.

Why not Nerf the punishment for killing masochist too?