FoL Feedback Thread

Because maybe we just shouldn’t

Shouldn’t what?


Eh. IDK. I have a soft spot for it…

Wait what why


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P sure Mole just likes it because he died N1 with it in DoL and feels smug about winning :stuck_out_tongue:

Although that also highlights the glaring stupidity of the class tbh

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I got a night one win with it

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2 ez

did you bait it or was it luck tho

Yeah duh

Literally just luck, Assassin killed him.

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It was p funny tho


I tried acting bd, and o used certain death.

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inbefore “You have death curse on you” D&D joke.

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the death curse has ended frostwolf

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New changes (Doesn’t effect ongoing games, of course):


Cult Alts changed:

Cult points: 2 - Each ability costs: Varied
Cult 1 Point Alts:
(Devoted): Devoted to the Blood God - You will survive one blood of Mithras, still killing the target.
Call The Dead
Bind Soul
Cult 2 Point Alts:
(Revive): Mithras’s Puppet - you use blood magic to infuse a corpse bending it to your will. your target must say everything you command it to (though it is allowed to phrase it in its own way) and vote who you demand. if a paladin attacks it will die. if you die it will also die. - 1 use


New passive:

Focused (Passive) - Immune to occupation and target changing.

Fool and Scorned:

Type changed to Social.

Remove the Priest please. It was removed in TOL and it should be removed in FOL(for the same reason that revive is too imbalanced).

It is better to say they have to say exactly what you say. This is far too vague and will lead to people talking super duper weird when revived to show they’re a puppet. I can tell now this will lead to a lot arguments as there is far too much leeway in the rules.


Do note that that ability already existed, but I see your point nonetheless.