[FoL] Forum of Lies 27 - 10 day FoL (2/18) - Blue Dragon win

I agree with this statement

I dont make naked reads ever

Okay, so how do you think Katze’s being unreasonable right now?

Wait fuck I forgot that conversion is a thing I forgot how much of a pain in the ass conversion is

Seems reasonable.

The thread just started and Vulgard can easily shitpost as a wolf. Their confidence is okay as of now, but I still would like to wait until Vul posts more so I can read their flow.

Plus they are the one I was preparing to eye during the first day so I focused on them first

drybones’ entrance seems fine
v lean

i am the most reasonable person alive

marshal is a hater crocodile alligator

acting so confidently like “ur towncore” and “ur not” and boop and bop and shit

thats NAI for most but wolf AI for kat

Tbh, I think it was a Null Entrance and a read does benefit town sooooo.

I played EVO mafia

kat was reasonable and had to put up with my shit

and now is like the opposite of that

i like derps


i think derps is just VI but i don’t like vul or kat

UwU this is moving fast but i-if you really feel that way

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But you can tell if it feels natural or if it doesn’t. No means is Vulgard locktown for this but I’m leaning slight V based on his behavior so far.


I wish we could vote Day 1.


/vote PoisonedSquid