[FoL] Forum of Lies 27 - 10 day FoL (2/18) - Blue Dragon win

@arete you are allegedly a shit player how do you respond

looks like a fake townslip tbh

When marshals agenda is branching out to completed games

Prince is like Jailor Correct,


I’m pretty sure he does try sometimes d1.

I just felt odd how he immediately jumped to the conclusion that Vul is NK rather than Cultseen as it felt TMI-ish.

No I just felt like “voting” her.

No I just forgot that it was a thing and remembered how much of a pain it is

yeah it’s true thats a garbo read LMAO

my read isn’t a garbo read because it comes from a gamer

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Jailor/vig lol

I think your NK who’s wrong on your Reads.

She didn’t react to it, that’s kinda sad.

Okay, that’s just making me raise an eyebrow right now. What’s the point of voting someone right out of blue when there’s not even a lynch?

seriously y’all are trippin im so hard in my townmeta :joy:

i could get townread but amn’t


I already said I was gonna tryhard this game (blame champs xd)

EVO Town Slipped here!

Why an NK in particular?


That’s Jailor.

I thought you were a zero-poster and usually I like doing this.

The fact that there ins’t a D1 lynch doesn’t really change this. I would have probably done the same.