[FoL] Forum of Lies 27 - 10 day FoL (2/18) - Blue Dragon win

marshal’s unshakeable aggression and wolfreading person after person without reading anyone v outside of the prince claim is a wolfy way to appear town and have influence in thread

Team Katze!

The fucking pure agenda resonating off this post

I mean, I found it weird how Napoleon begins the game by posting just a naked read.

yeah i meme like crazy what do you think this is

okay have you considered that you’re wrong

Rokugan is a good example. Vulgard starting off memeing is generally NAI for him but he feels pretty comfortable doing it and his posts feel rather natural. W!Vulgard typically struggles a bit in posting and you can tell when it lacks a natural flow.

You Suck?


bich u played with me before this is what i always do

don’t act like u don’t know that this is my exact town meta

Katze is likely town here for me atm

I agree with this statement

I dont make naked reads ever

Okay, so how do you think Katze’s being unreasonable right now?

Wait fuck I forgot that conversion is a thing I forgot how much of a pain in the ass conversion is

Seems reasonable.

The thread just started and Vulgard can easily shitpost as a wolf. Their confidence is okay as of now, but I still would like to wait until Vul posts more so I can read their flow.

Plus they are the one I was preparing to eye during the first day so I focused on them first

drybones’ entrance seems fine
v lean

i am the most reasonable person alive

marshal is a hater crocodile alligator

acting so confidently like “ur towncore” and “ur not” and boop and bop and shit

thats NAI for most but wolf AI for kat