[FoL] Forum of Lies 27 - 10 day FoL (2/18) - Blue Dragon win

Tbh, I think it was a Null Entrance and a read does benefit town sooooo.

I played EVO mafia

kat was reasonable and had to put up with my shit

and now is like the opposite of that

i like derps


i think derps is just VI but i don’t like vul or kat

UwU this is moving fast but i-if you really feel that way

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But you can tell if it feels natural or if it doesn’t. No means is Vulgard locktown for this but I’m leaning slight V based on his behavior so far.


I wish we could vote Day 1.


/vote PoisonedSquid

based on… one game?

remember when people thought my scummeta was being nervous and then i played tos mafia and fucking claimed mafia immediately?

metareading me isn’t effective


kat’s prolly not town

replace vul with kat vulkatze is prolly the scumteam

Can we make a petition to add D1 lynch

I’m not sure to be honest. He’s actually trying to make Day 1 reads which he never usually does. I don’t know if that’s AI for him, but my god it scares me

Anyone who likes this post is ConfTown

They tried that in EFoL3.

Did it beak FoL

that’s not nerves LMAO

“Ohwo im mafia” isn’t a nerve thing anyone with -2 balls can do that LMAO whoever made that read for that reason is shit

With 18P it makes a little more sense

So you scum read PS?
I’m sure @Alice
Can handle that for yeah tonight!