[FoL] Forum of Lies 29 - Game filled, backups appreciated (18/18)

sister pls

im coming to your room to in on your acct


Will I actually improve? Find out next time :^)

Oh hi I’m /in

im logging out youll never guess my password ayayayaya

password: ilovechleb



/cohost @Geyde @Blizer if y’all are fine with that

if not then i’ll just be an informed spec and maybe vcbot

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password: mafoauniverse

I am okay with this


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/informed Spec gamer



I should probably take a break

but I want to play

i was going to play on an alt but i dont think i can force myself to talk with different grammar and shit

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i have a constantly changing typing style that usually mirrors people around me
but i don’t have what it takes

/in if vulgard ins

hmm yes

or should i /in?


for the record i may play if you don’t

so don’t feel pressured to in if you don’t want to

but it goes up to 100% if you do :heart:

To count this as an in or not to count it as an in
that is the question