[FoL] Forum of Lies 29 - OVER (9/18) - CULT FOOL WIN

In theory arete could have been tailored by atn assuming atn was fool

Or frost was falseflipped

…can you explain this a little more?

this is because i thoguht Wazza was an Alch/Princess with a K/O on Chloe

I was jailed

And you think it was NK-y :eyes: because?

First link is split thread, second is combined

This is unironically the part which bothers me the most about Arete and makes me think the flip could be real? But then they had to be strongmanned.

because the way they treated their claim later was very delayed

imma skim it again

I don’t think I’ve ever seen them not leave logs as town.

i feel like Arete basically always has logs though

which is a big reason why i think its fake

but most people know this so i feel like they’d just write fake logs?

Unless this is a repeat of RM4 and I’m doing the thing kat did to my flip there (“there’s a typo in vulgard’s logs, does he make typos? is the flip real?”).


So Arete was likely scum or a poss, that was bypassed

You know

What are the odds of frost being possed by Arete

theres some posts in allies where arete was saying how they thought i was a neut (specifically merc) and that i was doing a few things that were > rand W

but they never actually brought it up again

Immediate takeaway is that Centuries is more than capable of highposting as a wolf.

And his posts can be quite good.
I kinda think him being underwhelming is >rand V but I feel like it’s more WiM-dependent?

Close to none.
Frost was not very townie, I doubt Arete gets rid of a mislynch potentially.

I kinda disagree?

Frost was mostly agreed to be town

but you were mostly focused on Appels bleed on PKR and PKs bleed on Amelia

you never mentioned the unclaimed bleed on TBE

frosts scummeta is to not exist and they existed a fair bit

i think their logs are real

Eh, really?
If so then I totally missed that