Fool should not hurt evils

Evils should be able to vote exe on Fool without punishment. Currently this aspect of the punishment hurts evils and neutrals FAR more than it actually hurts BD.

The only BD who might actually be hurt is a competent prince who can actually jail-exe 3 evils in a game, every other BD can do just fine losing a limited use ability, Hunter was prolly gonna waste his 3rd bear anyway

But Reaper souls, Possess, 2-for-1, eradicate, bleeds, duchess and timesnatcher hide, the list goes on, are extremely crucial limited-use abilities which are forfeited by executing the fool

i would like to make evils immune to this punishment

in fact i would like to see fool kill a BD kind of like jester in town of salem, but make him only able to target a BD so that he isn’t such a kingmaker.

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nice except the jester kill part

ok i have a revolutionary idea to fix this

delete fool




We have to wait for our moment to strike and now is not the time

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mama didn’t raise no bitch


The difference between a coward and a ignorant brave person is the coward lives longer


We’ve been over this Firekitten. The courageous genus outlives both

What about a courageous species? Or a courageous family? Order? Class? Phylum?

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Isn’t fool neutral? As in, they have no reason to side with the evils in the game? If you’re a competent evil, you would probably just not vote to execute. And even if you did execute, the fool doesn’t care either way. They don’t want to be alive by the end of the game. IMO you’re just ranting because you lost to a fool as an evil.

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Idk. I guess? A biologist would know better than me.

I’d like to point out that the day ability loss effect was added specifically to hurt evils. So that outcome is intended.

Idk WHY that’s something we’d want, but it’s working as intended so eh.

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IMO if that’s the only argument you can come up with for your position you probably shouldn’t be discussing game balance


you should never be punished for a correct lynch as town.
As town you should be lynching scum
Scum=non town
guess whos non town? third parties/neut.
Fool is a third party.
It is designed around getting lynched and it punishes town
therefore Fool punishes a correct lynch.

I wouldn’t mind if fool was made into something like we have in FoL. I actually like that fool tbh

Pretty much.

Someone randomly mashing on the keyboard should still be taken seriously in regards to attempting to rebuttal the argument made.


Is alch/merc scum then?

by definition yes

I’d disagree that you’re using a good definition then.

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I would argue it goes more like

Correct Lynches
Acceptable Lynches

And that you shouldn’t be punished for categories 1 or 2, which collectively include all non-town


After all, although a Merc may not be “scum” per se, you shouldn’t lose more than a merc for lynching them while emptying the PoE

Correction. You shouldn’t be EXPLICITLY punished for categories 1 and 2.

Category 2 has a bunch of situations where you inadvertently give scum an opportunity to do serious damage. For example lynching an assassin thus promoting a timesnatcher and letting the MM convert again.

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