Fool should not hurt evils

I remember when you told me something about BD being able to win if a fool was lynched (or was it king?)

It was King. But it applies to fool too.

Basically imagine a 2v3 of Starting GK and Prince vs a full Unseen (doesn’t matter which ones).

They vote up the prince, the GK can now Force pardon, if they execute the GK then the next night they can’t vote. Prince executes the assassin, they can’t vote for a day, Prince executes the new assassin, now it’s a 1v1, Prince executes the MM. BD wins.

When a neutral who’s goal of being added was to prevent blue dragon from executing obvious scum starts to harm evils for trying to lynch scummy targets, that’s a problem. Fool is just a nuisance to everyone now

@NuclearBurrito do you remember masochist

Fool reminds me of it now

I do. Masochist was dumb.


@JakeTheWolfie what do you think of this class

It’s like fool but it’s for evils. It’s just a dumb concept overall.

Fool, by itself, is trying to do one of the hardest things ever (besides getting 2 players executed, that’s the hardest) which is, getting yourself killed. Once it is dead, it has no more direct effect with the game.
It’s essentially trying to break this idea of “People can be either acting evil because they are evil or acting good because they are good”

are you serious

you can’t be serious

fool being hard is the biggest joke

But why do we need to break this idea? This is literally what the game is all about. Why are we trying to punish people for scumreading or pushing mialynches when the core of mafia games is to do these things? We don’t add neutrals for the heck of it, we add them to have a purpose in the game. The Fool purpose doesn’t work anymore.

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besides alchemist

I don’t know why alchemist is a thing

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Yes, which is why, in order to answer “why should fool hurt evils” you ask “why do we need a fool”

So, remove the fool or change it’s winning condition with some ability reworks

Yes please


The reason masochist is bad is it punishes evils for doing something that evils are suppose to do. Kill people who aren’t apart of their faction. It goes against the spirit of the game to punish someone for doing their win condition.

It’s the same thing about Fool now. You are punishing them for killing people who aren’t apart of their faction.


Fools purpose never worked.

However given that he exists he shouldn’t punish evils when lynched.

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Fool needs to be removed, but it is highly unlikely to be removed so we need to instead compromise. I would much rather it be removed but if it isn’t we should revert back to the old punishment.

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If we are going to have a fool (which I don’t think is good in the first place) then we may as well do it right at the very least.

Nice one :laughing:

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I stand by the FoL Fool in spirit if not to the letter

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