Fool should not hurt evils

Are you claiming that logic is invalid?

He’s saying that Evils shouldn’t be affected by fool, no? Then what about Neutral Killers? They should benefit from it because they lose so much from it.


Would that be a problem if they did?

Why the hell should we treat someone differently because of their alignment? If anything, executing a fool hurts the Blue Dragon the most because they both lose 1 use of limited abilities AND they lose 1-2 days of trials, which is their most effective way to get shit done.

Because specific alignments have different strengths/objectives/dynamics and thus having things interact with them differently makes sense

It SHOULD hurt BD the most because hurting BD is how the fool is able to have any difficulty what so ever.

You can say what you want about if his purpose is fundamentally valid in the first place, but in order for Fool to exist, lynching him must hurt BD.


Fool shouldn’t hurt evils because evils were stupid enough to execute them.

You’re saying that Fool shouldn’t do this because Fool takes away precious 1 use abilities.

So Hunter has all limited use ability
Good King has limited use of everything (except finger)
Paladin can only smite twice
Court wizzy can only nado 2-3 times (Not sure of the exact number)
THey can also only CM thrice
Phys can only Exhume thrice, and selfcare twice, and innoculate once
Chrono can only PD twice
Etc Etc Etc

And you’re saying evils are being hurt here? Aww, are they hurting your pweety wittle feewings? Well guess what? BD hurts way more, not only because of the lost trial time, but because of these crucial abilities that are lost because of fool. So stop saying that “Fool shouldn’t hurt evils because evils aren’t powerful”. That’s Bullshit. Evils are more powerful than the BD because they have the most information at pretty much all times. If anything, fool shouldn’t hurt BD because of how game changing it can be.

i have a genius idea that will stop fool from hurting evils and bd

delet it


While you could delete fool, I think it’s more fun to… not.

why wouldn’t we delete a bad class

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Because unfortunately if we delete the King then we look to much like ToS and we can’t have that

Oh we were talking about Pretender? My bad.

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Still wrong? Who did you mean? Sellsword? Handmaiden? Ooooh Foool. Gotcha.

Don’t be silly. We need to remove Physician clearly.

Actually that’s not the argument.

The issue isn’t something about overall balance, but that the whole point of fool is to be an incorrect lynch (again you can debate if it SHOULD be but it is), and the people who do the lynching is the BD. So for a lynch to be incorrect, that means that the BD MUST be hurt from lynching a Fool.

Because of how the game fundamentally works, hurting 1 or more factions inherently requires helping the remaining factions that aren’t hurt.

What that means, is that if the Cultseen are aware of someone being a Fool, the correct response if this is done right would be to accuse the Fool in order to get them lynched.


Also I’ll have you know that my feewings are quite lawge and vwicious.

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Why are you punishing evils for mislynching people through


It’s an incorrect lynch overall, because it hurts everyone. Why does it need to be an “incorrect lynch” if someone else says it’s a correct lynch? You’re basing things being good/bad based on the BD’s perspective.

From the evil’s perspective, the fool is dangerous as fuck, and you should push for the Prince to execute them, because if they get executed and you vote to execute, you get fucked over. If they get executed and none of your teammates execute (some pardon, some abstain), then your whole team could potentially be outed.

To the perspective of the Neutral Killer, the fool could actually be helpful, granted you could make it into a kingmaker scenario with the fool and a non-hunter&prince BD, but otherwise relatively harmless if you just lay back and don’t execute, ever.

In any case, your reasoning for why fools shouldn’t hurt evils boils down to “It’s an incorrect lynch because we always have to look at it from the BD’s perspective but oh no the poor evils get held back oh noes!!1!11!!”

Because if something hurts everyone then it hurts no one.

BD wins by making Cultseen and NK lose
Cultseen wins by making BD and NK lose
NK wins by making BD and Cultseen lose

Since the winrate of all 3 of these factions must add up to 1 at any and every given moment (and equals 1 for a single faction when they win) that means lowering the total winrate is impossible (we are ignoring draws for the purpose of this).

In otherwords, doing a negative effect on all parties effectively the same as doing nothing, since everyone is equally harmed. The only one that loses is other neutrals since they don’t apply regarding the above reasoning.

In order for anything to be bad is must be good from someone elses perceptive.

And that just leaves us to figure out who’s perspective to go by. And the answer to that is simple: Whoever has majority and thus chose the lynch. Which in 90% of cases is the BD and in 0% of cases is the NK. Sometimes it’s the cultseen and in those specific situations lynching Fool should be a problem. But in the remaining 90% of cases BD needs to be hurt. And as I’ve established, that is the same as helping the Cultseen/NK.

No one gets mad at you for abstaining on a fool exe. especially if the fact that it was a fool exe was brought up during the trial.