Forum Match Tips and Tricks!

I will take this information to heart.

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/vote Luxy


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Well, if your ability to read scum is incredibly high and get them lynched, what does it mean when you’re leading mislynches?

There are certain things you have to incorporate into your town game to make you difficult to read. That’s what separates a good FM player from a great one

That would mean im a great player :thinking:

No. God. No

Also guys try to keep this free of memes. I created this thread because I think new players (that have no prior experience in FM) would have difficulty going into the games directly.

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And I also think some of you guys go in way too hard and may scare some peeps off from the deeper truth

The deeper truth.


shuri memes are a neccecary and important part of forum matches
that’s why we have so fucking many of them


My memes are the only ones that matter >:D

  1. Don’t go for easy lynches unless they’re the only choice.
  1. If you roll NK, always claim NK-immune Miller Vigilante :^)
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No, NEVER purposefully sabotage your town game just so when you roll scum you may fair better. Thats what seperates a thrower from a normal player lol.

Great players are townread as Town or Scum. Improve your Scum game if you want to get better.


The best players are always read as scum so when they are, they don’t need to have evidence against them


74: Do not ever attempt to fast hammering as it reduce your time for discussion.

75: If someone flames you, don’t get disheartened! Stay strong, be your ownself.

  1. When you have a ‘red check’ on you as a wolf you have a number of choices. You lolcat and attempt to disrupt discussion, you fakeclaim something which would make you have a false positive to the check or you claim something so utterly outlandish it might be true and then attempt to go all in on a mislych
  1. Bussing wolf partners is fine but only do it when needed. preferably save the bus till midgame after another wolf has flipped

78.If you ever caught as scum accuse your accuser as liar and change it if you realize it wouldn’t work.

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  1. Never Policy Lynch anyone for little reasons. Maybe for you it doesn’t seem harmful but it is ruining player’s experience and it may discourage them to join next games.
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79a. Unless it’s Memesky

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