Forum of Lies 30 - Night 5 (5/18) The Demon and Inquisitor win!


Welcome to Forum of Lies 30 - hosted by @Napoleon, @katze and @Geyde

Alt Mod is @Arete


Follow the Global Forum/Discord/Game/Meta Rules - Please Read First , and the Official Forum Mafia and Forum of Lies Rules . Please make sure you have enough time for this game before you sign up.

A minimum of 20 game-relevant posts must be posted every day, including Day 1. Failure to meet the requirement will result in a warning, where a second offense will lead to forced replacement. However, hosts reserve the right to replace without a warning should we believe that a potential extended period of lowposting will result in a significant drop of game quality.


  • Days are 48 hours long or until an execution ends it, Nights last 24 hours. The first day is an exception, it lasts only 24 hours and has no execution.
  • You will be provided a DM with your classcard by the host, send your actions there.
  • Unseen/Cult will talk through a special Discord server or forum message.
  • The priest will speak with the dead through a separate Discord server or forum message.
  • All classes will be used as they are found in this thread: FoL Class Cards (Now Officially Official)


  • To accuse someone say “/vote [player]”. Please make the life of the hosts easier by bolding it (by putting ** ** around it)
  • Should the votes reach the majority, that player will be executed and the day will end.
  • When the day ends, the player with the most votes will be executed.
  • Voting “/no cuddling” is an option.
  • You may self vote now.

Picking a New King

  • If there are less than 4 players a new king will not be selected.
  • When the king dies a 12 hour period starts. In this, players may vote in their class PM for who they want to become the next king.
  • Whoever receives the most votes in this period will be crowned king. If votes are tied, a king election will be held the next day to determine it.

Action Results

You find all possible night feedback here: Forum of Lies Hosting Feedback List

Action order for Nerds

Night abilities will be processed in following order/priority:

  1. Visit Prevention
  2. Occupation
  3. Targetted redirection
  4. Non targetted redirection (like Tavernkeeper)
  5. Killing
  6. Protection
  7. Miscellaneous Effects (like Bounty)
  8. Investigation 1 (Faction checks, type checks, etc)
  9. Conversion
  10. Investigation 2 (Every kind of investigation which checks for abilities used this night)

In case there are conflicts on the same level (example: two Drunks try to redirect the same player), all these conflicting effects are canceled.

(thx Geyde)


DM the host what you want on your journal. When you die, the last update to your journal will be revealed to everyone. It has a character limit of 1000 characters.


King (65% Good, 35% Evil / Devout)
Mastermind / Cult Leader
Assassin / Random Cult
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon / Random Neutral Non-Killer
Random Neutral Non-Killer
Neutral Killer

You can find all classes here: FoL Class Cards (Now Officially Official)


  1. SoulShade55r
  2. Wazza Vulgard
  3. RuneScimitar
  4. CRichard564
  5. Paradox Died N3 - The Assassin
  6. PokemonRyanKid :crown:
  7. ATNoName - Executed D3 - The Mastermind
  8. Insanity Died N3 - The Drunk
  9. Surge Executed D5 - The Assassin
  10. Whysper - Died N2 - The Observer
  11. eevee - Died N3 - The Inquisitor
  12. an_gorta_pratai - Died N3 - The Prince
  13. Magnus - Executed D2 - The Maid
  14. SirDerpsALot - Died N3 - The Tavernkeeper
  15. Chaos_Coffee - Died N1 - The Princess
  16. Light - Executed D4 - The Mastermind
  17. Frostwolf103 Mistyx - Died N2 - The Tavernkeeper
  18. Intensify - Died N1 - The Archer


  1. TheBlueElixir
  2. Amelia

Spectators (both uninformed and informed are allowed)

  1. astand (Informed)
  2. DatBird (Informed)
  3. Marshal (Informed)
  4. Italy (Informed)
  5. Arete (Informed)
  6. Jane (Informed)

Alts are allowed in this setup. Please PM Arete if you wish to play by alt.


EoD1: No execution, what did you expect?
SoD2: Chaos_Coffee and Intensify dead
EoD2: Magnus dead
SoD3: Whysper and Mistyx dead
EoD3: ATNoName dead
SoD4: Paradox, Insanity, eevee, an_gorta_pratai, SirDerpsAlot massacred
EoD4: Light dead
SoD5: The Sun is alive (Nobody died)
EoD5: Surge dead, Game ends

Please do not post here yet.

The game will start 2020-08-27T18:00:00Z

Be there or be not there


On a stormy night, a cloaked figure sauntered toward an imposing 𝔐𝔞𝔫𝔬𝔯. seemingly uncaring toward the rain, their eyes were drawn to the package they were carrying. what could it be? why did those…business men want it delivered in such a strange manner? they asked for it to be done the next night it was storming, where all the residents to the 𝔐𝔞𝔫𝔬𝔯 would be locked in one place. they brushed their thoughts aside. just thinking about it gave them a chill.

The denizens of the gloomy 𝔐𝔞𝔫𝔬𝔯 were throwing yet another of their extravagant parties. Reliving the old days since the new ones hadn’t been treating them kindly was one of their favorite activities. They say what the future provided and held it in contempt. How could one ever think that was okay? Why don’t they just go back to the old days, when everything was so great? These thoughts were interrupted a RING of the doorbell and nobody at the door…except for a package of some sort.
It only took a moment for the denizens to go into a frenzy. Something new! It could be amazing! Their spirits had been lifted and anticipation rose as they opened the package upon the grand table.







Day 1 has begun. All hail King @PokemonKidRyan.

There will be no execution today.

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Rolling into the thread with a D1 Pretender claim here.

A lot has happened, but I wondered why we are all in a manor

NAI Mass Pingus Part 1


NAI Mass Pingus Part 2


Did Adiart get downgraded from a castle into a manor now? That’s harsh luck.

or we could have been transported to here, but hey thats my guess

That’s as good a guess as any I suppose.
damn ToS transporter really went out of their way here

Aight so I have ran out of ideas for a good opener so I’ll just play my special game that I made myself to decided my opener called Opener Roulette.
I take all my past openers, number them and use a RNG to see which opener I get.
Number 1 - SFOL 61:

Number 2: SFOL 61.5: Claims I will show up early but shows up during the later half of the day
Number 3: DGADTFM:

Number 4: TOS 2399: Scumslip as town
Number 5: SFOL 62: Cringe flavor via alt
Number 6: SFOL 63: Insert me saying something about inserting an initiative to improve townplay
Number 7: Wild W- [REDACTED (ONGOING)]: - Self vote

or whatever the mafia counterpart is if there are any

Claim to be able to dayvig someone quick!

I’m liking option number 5 if i do say so myself here.

yes it does hit too close to home

Hardclaim neut pce

Nice to see a fellow neut in the thread!

I think that the host’s ping was actually AI

/vote Light