Forum Of Lies: Getting Started

If you are reading this, welcome to Forum Of Lies!

Forum of lies (FoL) is a type of game which is roughly ToL but played on the forum. Unlike ToL, a FoL game is played over the course of several weeks rather than about 20 minutes, making the game far more about using deduction to figure out who the evil people are during the day. In addition, FoL features new classes currently exclusive to FoL such as The Maid, The Revenant, The Druid and The Demon.

I’m confused, explain more!

One in-game day generally lasts 4 IRL days unless shortened by an execution, and night generally lasts 2 IRL days. During the day, all living players can discuss and vote on a player to execute, just like in the main game. However, here our discussion is far more involved and not just a way of shouting ‘6 is unseen lol!’.

Sounds like an old-timey email type thingy

True! However, using the fact there is no need to programme anything, thanks to all games being run manually by hosts, we can do any sort of crazy mechanics we want. For example, in the Special Forum Of Lies game any class suggestion suggested could appear in the game.

However, before we go any further, you’re going to have to learn some various terms we use:

FoL Terms

  • town/village - The Blue Dragon, an aalternative name.

  • Scum/wolf - A term reffering to players who do not win with the Blue Dragon

  • Reads - What a player has concluded from how others are acting ie: They are scum, they are BD

  • LyLo - Lynch or Lose, the point where if Unseen or Cult is not executed that day a evil victory is inevitable

  • MyLo - Mislynch and Lose, the point where if a BD is executed an Unseen/Cult victory is inevitable

  • CFD - Chinese Fire Drill, a move where players switch their votes to another at the last second.

  • Lean - Used frequently with reads. Describes a read that is more based on your gut than actual evidence. I.e. “Icibalus - Unseen lean” - “I don’t really have evidence but I think he might be Unseen”

  • Null - Also used with reads. A null read is when you can’t read somebody’s alignment. I.e. “Icibalus - null read” - “I don’t know what his alignment could be because of inactivity/something else, so he’s a null read.”

  • WIFOM - Wine in Front of Me. Means literally “reverse psychology”. ie: “The wine in front of me is poisoned because only a fool would put the wine in their own glass, but maybe that’s just what you want me to think…” Named after the famous scene in The Princess Bride.

  • OMGUS - Oh My God You Suck. Describes a situation when the person who is accused immediately or very quickly votes their accuser in response. Generally considered a suspicious action.

  • FoS - Stands for Finger of Suspicion. Usually used as a response to what someone else said, and means that you suspect that person. Some people also immediately add reasoning to their “fos claim.” I.e. “FoS on Icibalus - he just said something which contradicts his claim.”

  • Prod - Forum slang more than specific FoL slang. A prod is a notification a player receives after they’re inactive for a longer period of time in a forum match. It usually looks like this: “@Someone’s_Name, you’ve been inactive for X hours, if you don’t check in you’ll be replaced.”

  • Hammer - Refers to a fast vote, either to put a person up or to execute them. Sometimes also used with a player’s name, or when they have the decisive vote. I.e. “Icibalus, hammer him, he’s guilty” or “Let Vulgard hammer, he’s confirmed”

  • VI - A term originated from Mafia. Refers to a player who is BD (or generally sided with the “uninformed majority”, like BD), but is acting very suspicious or making incorrect decisions and is thus a “Village Idiot”. Sometimes overused.

Right, so where do I sign up?

Hold on a moment again! First, check out this place here:

The hub is where you can find past games and other important links such as info on how to sign up to host, our discord server, all the classes you could be and the full rules.

Anyway, to signup wait for a new FoL post to be posted and post /join in that thread! We hope you join and have fun!

-Icibalus (literally just a random guy)

Marl Edit:

Useful Links to get started:

A Link to Join the Forum of Lies Discord - Once you get in, please DM one of the people ranked “Black Rose Team” to get the ability to speak. This is where the majority of FOL discussion happens, and any forum matches that get posted are announced there!
The FoL Changes Thread - Effectively patch notes for when any change goes live in Forum of Lies
Forum Match Tips and Tricks!
The FoL Class Card Thread - This thread will be kept up to date with all the current Forum of Lies classes.


Join our cult, The Cult of FoL, no kool-aid needs to be drunk to join us…;3

But it helps

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This is a thread on the FoL catagory



Thanks for those terms
needed them


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Meh, seems kinda pretentious to me. What’s the point?

Best game yet

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What in particular do you mean?

Forum of Lies

You mean MyLo

LyLo is when not executing anyone leads to a BD loss


Not necessarily

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Blame Vulgard. I’ll post a full version now.
(jk you’re fine Vul don’t worry)

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Damn you vulgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard



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Three more things:
1.Always assume Nerbins is a village idiot before reading him. It’ll help in the long run.
2. Icibalus is the king of the shitposters
3. NEVER piss off Boopy. ( Or any mods, but mostly Boopy.)

Hey, I am the true VI here!

And revive so maybe new people would join our FoL :slight_smile:

Are these games run on Discord or the forum?

we play at #forum-matches #forum-matches:forum-of-lies

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Right here on the forums!

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