Forum Of Lies: Getting Started


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Meh, seems kinda pretentious to me. What’s the point?

Best game yet

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What in particular do you mean?

Forum of Lies

You mean MyLo

LyLo is when not executing anyone leads to a BD loss


Not necessarily

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Blame Vulgard. I’ll post a full version now.
(jk you’re fine Vul don’t worry)

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Damn you vulgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard



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Three more things:
1.Always assume Nerbins is a village idiot before reading him. It’ll help in the long run.
2. Icibalus is the king of the shitposters
3. NEVER piss off Boopy. ( Or any mods, but mostly Boopy.)

Hey, I am the true VI here!

And revive so maybe new people would join our FoL :slight_smile:

Are these games run on Discord or the forum?

we play at #forum-matches #forum-matches:forum-of-lies

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Right here on the forums!

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Don’t mind me just editing this to add more useful resources

actually heck it i’m just going to re-write a new New Players Guide

Marl, why did you became one of the necromancer ;-;

I saw a bunch of new people being interested in Forum of Lies, so i edited this thread a bit and was gonna have it pinned

this guide was a tad outdated
so i just wrote another one

@Icibalus can you add pocketing and white-knighting to the glossary?