Forum of Lies Timeline

Not official as of yet.

Henlo Folks.

For a while, alfa maintained the FoL Hub

However as she is not on the forum anymore (idk if she officially left or just kinda stopped posting) the spreadsheet she maintained fell to the wayside

I updated it. and hope to continue updating it.

Here you go

Im bad at formatting posts. if anyone has ideas feel free to let me know and if i put that in ill give you credit.
I also have no concrete idea of how to start hosting something, so i kinda just told people to go to eevee squid or luxy. if anyone has a concrete, flow_chart-esque list of steps to host something, let me know and ill put it in and give you credit.

bruh we can’t access

I eventually plan to add hyperlinks to the spreadsheet, but that’ll take a bit

i mean doesnt matter if we can’t access

ive no idea what your on about

I can access it
And I think it’s a great idea

for SFoL58, i was also a co-host

in my defense, that was not clearly stated in the op

yeah i had to take it out cause we ran out of space in the OP lmao

wait theres a cap on characters in the op


Btw Katze will be our new Fol moderator. You probably should include that in the OP



as of when

With the beginning of the month, of course


don’t take her seriously

For that you are under house arrest, my love.

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