Forum Suggestions (Co-Editing)

Well clearly I see a good use for this, making it so you can enable certain people to edit topics would be great so you can make people like Co-Hosts edit the OP for your FM game or something. Just a suggestion.

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Do some research on Meta, see if this exists


Turning OPs into Wiki works. I don’t think there is much risk for vandalism on this site to make it not viable.


if people vandalize a wiki it’ll be obvious who it was, since it shows who edited what in them

the main problem with wikis is that only trust level 3 people can wiki their own posts, so if you’re not TR3 (which is rarely, if ever given out nowadays) you need to ask a forum mod. luckily we have some pretty active forum mods so it’s only a minor inconvenience

i think giving people who semi regularly host games TR3 would be good, making the OP for FoL26 and SFoL58 (games i cohosted) a wiki made both games significantly easier for me and the main host to work together on

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Is this built into Discourse and unchangeable or can it be changed?

it can probably be changed but i’d imagine there’s a good chance that the mods+ don’t really want everybody to make their posts wikis?

like i just edited into my last reply, i think giving out TL3 to hosts would be a good solution