Forums back up, come here to celebrate

Forums back up gamers time to celebrate :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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Did anything get snapped in the rollback?

If so, rip ongoing games

given there’s two ongoing games, probably some posts

wouldn’t talk about it for Obvious Reasons™️ (im not actually sure if posts were lost given i was asleep when they went down)

hopefully there wasnt too much impact beyond the nearly 24 hours of downtime

last time that happened we had to can everything iirc

Hopefully it’s not much if anything?

Also casual reminder to always create backups of your stuff before attempting to edit it :slight_smile:

wait editing deletes posts now lol??? :crazy_face:

quick glance I don’t think anything was deleted last time I checked

I think

ohh yeah posts definitely got rolled back

can tell because I swear to God that Kape’s recent post had replies on it.

bruh moment
hi everyone what’s up

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Hi Vulweeb

PSA: The “Switch header to topic title on scroll” setting got wiped with the domain change.

Go re-set that if you use it (I know a lot of you do)

Worded poorly because it’s actually a matter of turning that setting off, but point still made

Cat gone.

RIP cat.


I genuinely don’t understand what this means.

Or is it the thing that happens on mobile version.

It happens on both

One sec links are all broken because somebody decided it would be great to have a global redirect to the landing page

what is a header switch anyway?