(FORUMS) Never got the badge for flagging a post and a comment?

What happened:
I flagged a comment and later a post, both have been removed by a mod, but never got the badge for flagging.

What was SUPPOSED to happen:
After the mod accepted the removal the forums should’ve given me the first flag badge

Steps to reproduce this issue:

  1. Flag a post
  2. Mods remove the post or change the post
  3. wait for a month cause you’re not getting it

flag more posts and you’ll end getting the badge


The issue is it’s the “First Flag” badge so I should’ve gotten it when I flagged the post


That’s odd. I just got it. oh well.

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Your previous flag may have been resolved as an ignore and then handled manually after, it’s not uncommon for me to do that when i’m looking at flags

didn’t realize there was a badge around it lul


Free Badge! Quick everyone flag Marl


well that explains the difference between a (dis)agree and do nothing and an ignore, but I don’t see why have the option still lol