Fourm of lies 12 (Day 4)

Tech can confirm IM not the Druid since it doesnt have any redirection power but anyone could say that two people were a match :wink:

Try matching up the merc and Sam17z

nothing like sharing irrelevant info am I rite


Any irrelevant info from you?

Here we go, Tech can’t be Druid just as I expected.

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My Irrelevant Info is better than your no info :wink:

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Yeah classcards never said anything about redirection stuff so had to assume occupy was combined with redirection

Should 10/10 tell us who your match was or match one of em with tech

Oh wait tech claimed alch so definitely not

Matching someone with tech is pointless. I’ll recieve the feedback “incompatible” unless i match specifically the druid or another neut. And the druid i’d receive vines for anyway!

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At any case, I suspect NightX is more of Druid candidate because Squire is not immune for occupation therefor he can get checked and receives vines thing and also know if he’s immune to redirection what Squire don’t have.

Which we can let the investigatives focus on Unseen for the night.

Hmmm ok

I shall think about what to do. I have ideas in my head but not sure yall would like it kek

So that’s ok plan from my perspective.

I just did

Hardly cuz im not clogging up the thread lul

How about read on everyone?

We cant read some people because they have never spoken other than to say confirm and then get reprimanded for doing it in thread