Game breaking bug, game makes graphics card restart & causes black game window

What happened?

Towards the end of a game, my graphics card appeared to crash/restart (monitors restart, game screen goes black). After my monitors turned back on, the game screen goes completely black (I play in windowed mode, and everything inside the window was black). I could still hear game noises (e.g. music and chat noises) during this time.

What was SUPPOSED to happen?

  • The game is not supposed to cause my graphics card to crash. I have a 980 and the latest drivers installed.
  • I should be able to see the game items/graphics in the game window (instead of a black window).

Steps to reproduce:

None, it happens spontaneously and without warning.


I really, really want to find a fix to this issue. It happens rarely, but without warning.

Today it happened right at the end of a really good game and I was very upset I had to leave the game because I couldn’t see anything.

Naturally, as I can’t see anything, I have to leave the game in this scenario. However, upon restarting the game, everything is back to normal again, but I can’t rejoin my old game.

I feel terrible and there’s nothing I can do about it. I feel like I’ve let my team down, myself down, and I also don’t get any money for leaving the game.

Please fix this, it’s literally ruining my games. Please add a re-join button for people who leave games at the very least, you have no idea what kinds of issues people might be having when they choose to leave a game while still alive.


I believe this is not a game bug. Sounds more like your graphics card has some issues. I would recommend having your card checked by a professional.

No one else has reported a bug like this and it sounds a lot like a graphics card issue.