Game cant start

What happened: Every time i start my game i get a error message saying that it crashed because of an error within a certain file

What was SUPPOSED to happen:
The game should start and be playable

Steps to reproduce this issue:

  1. Start game

Please follow these instructions and send a link to the file(s) here:

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C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Throne of Lies\2018-09-16_220410

That’s the path of the folder on your computer – I need you to upload that folder on for example Google Drive or MEGA and put a link to it here so that we can see what the files include.

To upload a folder you can put it into a zip file (you can create such a file using for example 7zip or WinRAR) and then upload the resulting archive.

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Rather, we need what’s inside ;D alternately, you may be able to drop it directly in Discord if you are here:

OR You can do rob’s steps too.

OR you can go to and paste everything there, setting privacy as unlisted so only those with the link can see it

Like This?

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Hmm, the first thing I noticed is that you don’t seem meet the minimum GPU (video card) requirements:


You’re getting a bunch of DirectX 11 errors – It’s very possible your graphics card does not support DX11.

You have a Intel Q45/Q43 Express Chipset – you may want to Google this for updated drivers (and to see if it supports DirectX11).

Did you try launching with Vulkan, instead?


It MAY work – but even if it does work, that video card is pretty old mate. I’m not sure how well it’d run~

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