Game Reloaded Names then froze?

What happened:
The game during last ten second of day 2 when king left it went back onto the naming phase, then after a few seconds reloaded, then it froze during day 2 and then reloaded names again?

What was SUPPOSED to happen:
Not freeze and go on to night 3

I really don’t know how to repeat this but it was completely random
also it keeps happening in an endless loop if you exit the game you still have to reconnect

Could you please describe what you mean? I don’t quite understand what you mean.

So at the end of day 2 king left, and then we went back into the phase were you select your name, after a few seconds it will then flick back but the game was complelty frozen until a player left and rejoined, which would then take you back to when you selected your name, and it keeps going in an endless loop

update: Now it is infinitely loading

Could you upload your logs on out discord in the bugs channel please?

How do you get them?

image Follow these instructions

so do you just type in that put instead of userprofile yourname?

It’s basically C:\Users\user\AppData\LocalLow (assuming it’s on your main HDD and it’s named C) You change user to your pc user name.

I’ve got that but how do you add it to the discord message it won’t let me do you just paste it in ?

You can just drag the file in. It won’t let you until you get past the first 10 mins or until you get a role using ?rank command