Geyde ama thread

Forum rules still apply but ye

Favorite game of FM on this site

How would you survive the zombie apocalypse?

What’s your favorite sport and why isn’t it basketball?

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We need to continue making Meme Mafia

Of mine?
It would have to be Clown Fiesta

Of others?
Lord of the Rings Mafia
Was very high effort on both sides, very fun to watch

Go to an unpopulated state and try to set up something with a farmer there
Zombies would only occasionally come and would eventually decay

I don’t follow sports, so I mainly just watch individual games occasionally
Some of my friends are hockey fans so it’s only natural

Basketball is okay
Just not my cup of tea

Who is your ideal scumteam of 3 players + you on this site

you can choose off of anything.

Who would do the best. Who would be the most fun, yadda yadda

Who was the most dangerous player specifically against you that was here at some point but is no longer here?

What question were you secretly hoping someone would ask when you made the thread?


How did you become The World?

do you wanna be my waifu

What’s something completely ~harmless that you’ve nevertheless never told anyone before?

What would you say was the most dominant town win and scum win in the history of your time here?

What’s something you wish people understood about you?

what’s one thing you wish people didn’t know about you


Best mix of fun and effective
Although for strictly fun I would put in Ici despite them hating wolf :^)


Like, he is the only player who can absolutely lay the smack down on me consistently

Favorite board game and why

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