GI Discussion Thread

But she was being a good mod and she wasn’t mad I think

scum minion is valid

Heyo mod found out. Like change it as it affects certain things in GI thread as certain classes rely on it. Idc if u have that next to it as they are funny but please give it a normal one at minimum

-Dat being very minimally inconvenienced to write a single post

I changed it so now it has a proper class type ^^


Still think these should probably be pinned

We prob can pin em.

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Why tag me? I’m a little confused

OH nevermind

You replied to an earlier post i see

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Time to add another one.

It doesn’t actually target a wolf, it’s an error. If you look on the card, you’ll see it says another Player.

Also, making the vote secretly not count is entirely different than not being able to vote/nominate wolves.

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@Arete ur class sucks delete it

no fuck off bitch

@EliThePsycho Is my dayless setup that bad?


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no offense to you
try playing a game before making one

You spelled congratulations wrong nerd

The Gun passive is inaccurate.

you fool
i’m making fun of it