Global Forum/Discord/Game/Meta Rules - Please Read First

Looking for just our in-game rules?

All changes are effective immediately

This applies to all ToL forum categories, Twitch, Steam forum/communities, and Discord server, and any other ToL/i42 sites: numbered for reference:

This is an extension to both our official Terms of Service and our standard Community Guidelines that should be read first and foremost.

Also note Steam’s Subscriber Agreement as well as Steam’s Code of Conduct that also stacks with our own.

TL;DR: Mods+ can ban you for any reason, so it’s better to just be civilized and keep it classy. Excessively arguing, showing signs of toxicity, or disrespecting a mod+, esp. publicly, is pretty much asking for a ban. Sure, you can swear (if not targeting someone) – but not excessively, and no racial/discriminatory slurs.

  1. Swearing is permitted. However, keep it classy and no targeting people. What would Spongebob do (WWSBD)?
  2. No hating, bullying, stalking, being overly creepy (esp. sexualizing), or harassing. Being a bit salty is ok, Just don’t make it personal. Esp. no threats - not even jokingly! We’re LGBT friendly - allow people to be themselves without hate. Respect everyone, but esp. the guides/judges/mods/staff: Don’t openly argue with moderation decisions – send a private message to debate.
  3. Keep your posts in the correct category and stay on-topic. This includes avoiding the discussion of religion/politics. Discuss other games/non-ToL at #off-topic .
  4. Don’t bump threads without constructive replies, especially if the thread hasn’t received any attention for a month or longer.
  5. Don’t post/request personally identifying info – including done via private messages.
  6. No clickbait posts/links. Ensure your content is not mysterious and remains relevant to the subject.
  7. Don’t share accounts and don’t create multiple accounts. No alts/dupe accounts. If our BOT catches you and bans you, we won’t unban it.
  8. No posting pr0n, gross stuff, or NSFW. Tag [NSFW] if “gray area”…
  9. No discussion/participation of piracy/cheats/exploits/hacks/raiding. DM a staff member if you find something/someone suspicious.
  10. No begging (not even indirectly/jokingly), asking for free keys, selling things, soliciting, or any of that stuff. If you drop an affiliate link, disclaim it’s an affiliate link.
  11. No backseat modding. If there is an issue, report it to a moderator. For emergencies, @ping an online mod in Discord or the @mod role as last-resort. No appealing bans for someone else.
  12. Rulebreakers will either be warned, suspended or banned at the mod’s discretion at any time for any reason: This is a private community for civilized humans.
  13. Rules may change at any time as we grow - we’ll try to bump this for attention when updated.
  14. Do not imitate or impersonate judges/mods/staff. This includes a barely-typo’d name dupe, using “i42-” prefix, the unicode “shield” icon, or any indication that may cause others to believe you have an administrative role.
  15. No spamming (INCLUDES EXCESSIVE CAPS), both privately and publicly. False flagging/reporting is also considered spam. Leave your salt at home and no baiting for reactions.
  16. Although we do not monitor private messages, the rules still apply, if reported – be respectful in both public and private.
  17. No private messaging the devs for common issues, bugs or small talk. Well–you CAN (you won’t get banned), but you may be blocked since 99% of issues can be answered in #general and we handle #bug-reports from either forum or Discord public sections . Private messages are very distracting while coding for common FAQ!
  18. Demanding/extorting changes for blatant hostage, such as the infamous “implement x feature or I’ll leave a negative review / refund”, will get you banned from the community and your feedback will be lost forever. We have SO much feedback that we’d rather prioritize the feedback of people that post in the official feedback hubs ( #feedback or Discord #feedback ) and from people that don’t attempt to extort us O_o. If you believe your feedback is superior to everyone else’s, then you may be one of them! :stuck_out_tongue:
  19. For communities with custom profile pictures, they must be civil and not hateful or represent hateful meanings (essentially, follow the same rules for pfp’s).


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19. Do not imitate staff or mods. This includes using “i42-” prefix, the unicode “shield” icon, or any combination that may hint you’re a mod+.

20. Leave your salt at home - no drama.

You might want to lock this to mods/staff only.

nah if you have questions about the rules or wish to add any its so you can

@deadfrien No worries the comments are just for reference – the OP is updated each time.

2/10/2017 (Unrelated to dead’s comment above lol)
21: No spamming, both privately and publicly.

This topic is now a banner. It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user.

This topic is no longer a banner. It will no longer appear at the top of every page.

22. Although we cannot monitor private messages, the rules still apply – be respectful in both public and private.

Updated 13: No begging for keys, directly or indirectly/jokingly. Mods get to decide if it’s indirect - we’ll know. We made a social deduction game, after all! No one wants to see 100 posts of begging pretending they aren’t begging ;p


[New] #23: No talks of plans to invade/raid other communities (in the name of ToL/with the purpose of spreading ToL). Keep it classy and only spread the word gracefully .


Rule #1 updated

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#24. No private messaging the devs for common issues, bugs or small talk. Well–you CAN (you won’t get banned), but you may be blocked since 99% of issues can be answered in #general and bugs are better publicized. Private messages are very distracting while coding for common FAQ!

You won’t get in trouble for DMing us, but you may get blocked by a dev, if you are considered distracting. You don’t want that, do you? :smiley:

Extended #14

  1. No discussion and/or participation of cheats/h4x. This also means no gamethrowing.

Why did you need to avoid the word “hacks”?

h4x is 1337 for hacks. Plus, it’s bad for SEO

what is SEO?

Search engine optimization. Certain words trigger crawlers that pull up websites on your Google search.


Extended #16

The Rules are a bit messy, Care to use ASTERISKS? "** example
1.) - No swearing
1.2) - no racism
/they are both laungauge related, so make them 1.1/1.2
In my opinion, overall a more professional look :slight_smile: