Golden Wind Smalltown - Town Victory


JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure - Golden Wind Smalltown

Hosted by @Marluxion and Co-hosted by @Wazza and @katze

Gameplay & Rules

All Standard FM Rules apply. Find them Here!
Days will last for 36 hours.
Nights will last for 12 hours.
Voting is plurality + majority.
If majority is reached, the day will end early.
Not yeeting is disabled.
If the day ends with a tied vote, the yeet will be randomized among the tied.
Post Requirements: You must post at least once within 24 hours of SoD. You must post at least 10 times each day.

Smalltown & Special Mechanics

This game is a Smalltown game.
This means that every role is public knowledge.
Every role each player is assigned is ALSO public knowledge!
Alignment is randomized within the roles.
This game is also FLIPLESS. Alignments will not be publicly revealed on death.
Abilities cannot target yourself unless specifically stating that they can.


There will be 10 villagers, 2 mafia and 1 lost wolf.
The lost wolf does NOT know who the mafia are, but they do count for parity.
The mafia do NOT know who the lost wolf is.
Each night the mafia may choose to factional kill one player. This is performable alongside any role actions they might take. The lost wolf does NOT inherit the factional once both of the main mafia are dead.

Each Alignment’s win condition is listed below.

You are a member of the town! Find and kill all 3 mafia to win!

You are a member of mafia! Your partner is [REDACTED]! Achieve parity with the town to win!

You are a mafia lost wolf! You do not know your fellow mafia! Achieve parity with the town to win!


  1. Nutella
  2. min
  3. Chloe - Killed N2
  4. an_gorta_pratai - Killed N1
  5. BlueStorm
  6. PokemonKidRyan - Executed D1
  7. Ami Mistyx - Executed D2
  8. clonedcheese - Executed D4
  9. DatBird
  10. Zone_Q11 - Executed D3
  11. Esooa - Died N3
  12. EliThePsycho
  13. Marshal - Killed N1


  1. Empoof
  2. Whysper
  3. WindwardAway


  1. Arete (I)
  2. TrustworthyLiberal
  3. Astand (I)
  4. Jane (U)
  5. ATNoName (I)
  6. thepigeonnyc (U)
  7. Geyde (I)
  • This setup is strongly inspired by Starship Epiphron and flavored around JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure. Shoutout to both of those things!


EoD1: PokemonKidRyan executed
SoD2: Marshal and an_gorta_pratai dead, Esooa and EliThePsycho swap roles
EoD2: MistyX executed
SoD3: Chloe dead
EoD3: Zone_Q11 executed
SoD4: Esooa dead
EoD4: clonedcheese grated
SoD5: Nobody died!
Endgame: Min concedes


Full Rolecards

Giorno Giovanna
Your vote always counts as two instead of one.

Bruno Buccirati
Parity Cop
Once per night you may check a player. Their alignment will be compared to the most recent player that you checked.

Narancia Ghirga
Every night you can target a player and prevent their role from functioning for tonight and the following day. If they use a limited-shot ability, the use is consumed. This does not prevent the factional kill.

Leone Abbacchio
Past Tracker
Every night you can target a player, living or dead, to see who they visited in the previous night. Has no effect on night 1.

Guido Mista
1-shot Vigilante
Once during the game at night you may kill another player.

Pannacotta Fugo
1-shot Commuter
Once per game at night, you may choose to leave. Any actions targeting you will fail for the night unless you are roleblocked.

Trish Una
2-shot Doctor
Twice per game you may target a player at night and prevent them from dying. If they were to die from two sources instead of one, this will fail.

Vinegar Doppio
Alignment Reciever
Whenever a player dies, you will recieve a phone call from The Boss privately telling you what alignment that player was.

At any time you may target a player. If you are yeeted, that player will also die.

Jean Pierre Polnareff (Turtle)
Role Swapper
Once per game at night you may cause two players to switch bodies. Their flavor and abilities will be swapped publicly.

"The Boss"
Nonconsecutive Time Mage
Each night you may target a player and delay that player’s action until the following night. You may not target the same player twice in a row.

Risotto Nero
Bus Driver
Each night you can target two players. Any actions targeting one player will instead target the other and vice versa. You may not target the same player twice in a row.

Universal Backup - Di Molto!
Once per game at any time, you may target a dead player and become their role for the rest of the game. Your target is not publicly announced.


Giorno Giovanna (Doublevoter) is… Zone_Q11!
Bruno Buccirati (Parity Cop) is… Nutella!
Narancia Ghirga (Roleblocker) is… Bluestorm!
Leone Abbachio (Past Tracker) is… Chloe!
Guido Mista (1-shot Vigilante) is… EliThePsycho!
Pannacotta Fugo (1-shot Commuter) is… Ami!
Trish Una (2-shot Doctor) is… Min!
Vinegar Doppio (Alignment Prophet) is… Esooa!
Carne (Vengeful) is… an_gorta_pratai!
Jean Pierre Polnareff (Turtle) (Roleswapper) is… Clonedcheese!
“The Boss” (Nonconsecutive Time Mage) is… Datbird!
Risotto Nero (Nonconsecutive Bus Driver) is… Marshal!
Melone (Universal Backup) is… PokemonKidRyan!

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This game will begin at 2021-03-27T17:00:00Z

SOD will be Noon CST (the above time)

EOD will be 36 hours later at Midnight CST!

(Even if majority is reached, SOD and EOD times will remain the same for consistency.)

This topic was automatically opened after 8 hours.

Day 1 Has Begun

It will last until 2021-03-29T05:00:00Z or when majority is reached.

With 13 players alive, Majority is 7.

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Boring icebreaker latest game and what u learn:

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