Gunslinger (Unique Neutral Offensive)

Win Condition: Kill 3 players

Battle Armor - Become death immune for 1 night if attacked, then you lose this passive. Lose this passive when you achieve your objective

Day Abilities:
Lethal Bullet - The next time you use shoot, it will bypass healing and death immunity. Cannot be used until day 3 (1 use).
Rogue - The next time you use shoot, you will not let anybody know (1 use).

Night Abilities:
Shoot - Attack target player with your gun. Target player and anyone visiting them will be notified you shot them (Can’t target the King) (Infinite uses).
Reload - Gain a charge of Rogue (Infinite uses).

(loses abilities upon winning)

Ok~ the main thing i see here is

  1. The fact that Gunslinger has a minimum requirement of kill 3 people (which is a lot) and a very strong infinite use night ability to kill a player. That is A LOT of kill power. Gunslinger/Inq games alone would be pure terror with all the free will they have in killing power. Also the night ability isn’t even disabled on win, so if victorious Gunslinger could go haywire and hardside against a certain faction because “lol neut with assassinate“. It’s also very eazy to win, just survive 3+ nights without hitting healers/DI/Knight and you’re good.

I thought it was implied, because it doesn’t say anywhere in the scorned/inq/merc that their abilities are unusable upon winning.

I see what you mean, a random neutral class shouldn’t have the same kill power as an NK. Reworked how this works so now it has to be a lot careful with how it kills.

unseen + sorc + inq + gunslinger = everyone dead after n3

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Yeah that is a ton of KPN, especially for a non-Killer neutral

n3: sorc blows up 3 people, assa could 2f1, inq kills someone, gunslinger kills someone, someone bleeds out, etc


half the game dead in 1 night

i dont see much point in this class

it feels like a water down inq, and while i dont think inq does its job very well, it still has a job it tries to do

giving non-NK neuts this much KP is a super slippery slope as well

especially with no real goal behind using it other than “use it 3 times”

Yea, I see where you’re coming from, this class is flawed and just an easier version of inq for the most part.