Handmaiden Guys..... It's Time To Recognize This Very Serious Problem

My name is Intensify and I am here today to write this very sincere note.
I’ve been playing Throne of Lies now for about half a year now and I’ve come here today to discuss a very important problem plaguing this game. I’m very sure many of you know what I am talking about, and if you don’t… well I will explain everything. It’s a problem that I’m sure many veterans are familiar with, and something that even I realized was a probably gonna be a problem when I first saw what it can do on the wiki.

I am of course referring to Handmaiden.
For some, that name might strike fear, for others, war flashbacks. Don’t worry though, because today, we need to take a stand.

For those of you who are still confused as to what in the world I’m talking about when I say Handmaiden, well then let me explain.

In 1990, the creator of Throne of Lies, ZBlade created the class known as Handmaiden, as an Unseen counterpart to the Maid, a very weak and almost useless investigative class in the game, even more useless than Prince. However, I am sure that XBlade would’ve never foresaw the problems that this class would cause. Flash forward 70 years, right now, YBlade finally implemented this class. Everyone had a cheer and probably got some beer or something idk what cool people do. However, this was the start of the darkness that would come over for Throne of Lies.

At first, Handmaiden seemed like a completely fine class… however that was not the case. Many people quickly came to realize how overpowered Handmaiden was and came to see the utility and power this class could do and create, and soon, this game became completely destroyed by this class. Handmaiden created a completely shifted the meta, for the worse. Such an overpowered class shifted this game in the wrong direction. It simply destroyed everything.

As an example that everyone should be familiar with.
I’m sure all of you had a similar situation like this:
You are in the Cult. You just finished converting the 6th Apostle into your cult to mindwarp the King. Everything is going well, you’re about to 2 for 1 the Astromancer, but then… the Handmaiden catches you! Then you, the Mailman, dies and the whole cult falls apart.

Such swing in the game is necessary and clearly this example shows how insanely overpowered Handmaiden, and for some reason, the good people at Imperium 69 have not done anything to change this at all, which is why today, at this very day, I am creating a petition for Imperium 100 to finally, once in for all, to nerf Handmaiden.

I hope all of you can sign this petition and help me: sign this petition please, and heopfully, we can all stop this very big problem.

  • Yes, I want Handmaiden Nerfed and I am gamer
  • No, I am basic and do not want Handmaiden nerfed

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PS: For those of you who somehow didn’t catch on, this is indeed a very big stupid joke I’ve written. I have absolutely no idea why I wasted 10 minutes of my life writing this entire thing.



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