Happy halloween or something

Droplets of fear and goblets of fright

Hang on the forums on halloween night

What lurks in the shadows, in the air?

Sulit editting old posts, she dare?

Look far, look wide, but first stop there

When the Joy Cat appeared out of nowhere.

Sulit thinks that she is shakespeare

She’s so bad at rhyming she wants to disappear

Don’t spoil anything for other players. This is basically a forum scavenger hunt.

  1. orange
  2. marshal

awww look look at the funny little joy pumpkin family!! :joy_cat::joy_cat:

Ok but memes aside :eyes:

Is their more than one part or is it one part @sulit

More than 1 part.

well depends what u mean by part

it spans more than 1 post

Okay but can it compare to the ToS riddles

no because i don’t know what that is

Happy Halloween or something.


So do we just start looking or…?


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Nvm, you have entirely too many posts for this.


Quickedit: shit

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Sulit cute

sulit annoying.

It’s too much work to sort through all of their posts in the hope to find the right ones.

Then dont

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thats why thers clues


ive found a few clues and im not sure where to go from here but i appreciate that this exists

soolit good