Happy Puzzle University - Game Thread (CHAPTER FIVE)


Game Mechanics

  • The game is largely based around friendship and puzzle solving.

  • To win, players have to graduate. The first person to graduate will be declared the Valedictorian, A.K.A. the best of the best. All players win as long as they do not fail out of school or other factors prevent them from graduating. To graduate, you have to complete your final puzzle.

  • Alternate wincons are possible

  • Each day there will be 1 class. You will be automatically sent to your class, unless you specifically note not to, or are prevented. You will be given homework at the end of each class meant to be turned in at the beginning of the next one. It is possible for class to be canceled for any reason.

  • Grades are power in Happy Puzzle University. Many different benefits and setbacks are given to students based on their grades. Grades are based on attendance, homework completion and accuracy, and test / quiz scores. No, you don’t get an exact system, I grade how I feel like it.

  • Outside of classes, there will be campus life. You are free to explore all of campus, except for that one building! You know the one! Don’t try it!!! You can improve your social standing, form
    study groups, or find various things that can help you improve your acceleration towards graduation, hinder others, or various other things. There’s plenty of mystery surrounding the campus, so feel free to try to figure out the various puzzles of life.

  • Stealing will have a base 50% chance of working, with a 50% chance of a successful steal going unnoticed. This can be altered by stats. Any attempt to steal homework will always be noticed.

  • To whisper, create a PM with you, your recipient, and me.

  • Activity is expected. This is still very much a freeform misc / puzzle game, so expect an amount of activity similar to VLDR. I will replace you out if I feel like it. You have been warned. If you complain after, I will call you cringe.


  • Each player will have a maximum amount of energy as determined by their stats. 30 is the minimum energy level

  • To go to your classes, dorms, and the cafeteria, you do not need energy.

  • To go to a building costs 1 energy, and to move within a building costs another 1 energy. All other actions will have an energy cost determined by the host.

  • Maximum energy will be replenished for a full night’s sleep in your dorm, + an extra 10 energy if you stay in there for the duration of the night phase. You may leave your dorm during the night phase, but all energy points used at night will be deducted from your energy points the next day, including a -5 penalty for being tired.

  • There will be a -5 energy penalty if you do not eat at the cafeteria at least once per day.

  • Homework can be completed at night at no penalty


  • Your rolecard will have your major, and your stats. Abilities could possibly be gained later. All actions will be done in your rolecard. In the format

/Action [Energy Level After Action / Max Energy Level]

  • Additionally, each player will have a backpack, with 5 public slots and 1 private slot.



  1. Arete - History - Killed CH2
  2. sulit - Agriculture Executed CH2
  3. ATNoName - Engineering Executed CH3
  4. Apprentice - Fire Science
  5. Intensify - Mathematics Killed CH1
  6. GGhana - Psychology Killed CH3
  7. Zap527 - Electrical Engineering
  8. Amelia - Journalism Killed CH2
  9. an_gorta_pratia - Nursing
  10. Geyde - Business - Graduated CH1
  11. Wazza - Computer Science
  12. PKR - Law Killed CH4
  13. Italy - Biology
  14. KyoDaz - Languages Executed CH1
  15. Arctic - Sociology
  16. Conduit - Education Executed CH4


  1. thepigeonnyc
  2. Nightingale

All cards have been handed out. If there are any issues, contact us privately. I’d appreciate for mods to lock this thread (and timer it to unlock at 2020-12-19T18:00:00Z, which is when the game starts)

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You arrive at campus. It’s a suprisingly quiet and calm for a university. Each of you follow arrows pointing towards the center of the campus. You go through the dorms to the center plaza, which is laid out like a clock, with a large Carl’s Jr. (™) logo superimposed on it. As the last student of the class enters the area, a bald, nearly 70 year old man, hobbles in view. Humming to himself, he enters the plaza, and locks the exit behind him. He coughs, goes to the middle of the clock, and claps for the students’ attention.

“Hello students! It is I, Headmaster Sunshine!”

The voice that came out of the body was a young, juvenile voice, completely unfitting for who it was coming from. Headmaster Sunshine let out an almost inhumanly wide grin before continuing.

“Welcome to Happy Puzzle University! Here you will learn to master the art of logic and have tons of fun fun fun fun FUN! And of course, friendship is our top priority. So, on that note, let’s begin our initiation!”

One student meekly questioned the headmaster, saying, “Can we unpack and see our dorms first? It’s been a long journey for some of us international students.”

Headmaster Sunshine coldly smiled back at him.

“For our initiation, we are going to get to know each other. For the next 24 hours, you guys can talk with each other. By the end of the time period, I’m going to want you to say one thing that you appreciate about each student. You get points for being genuine. Have fun, wonderful children!”

Headmaster sunshine sat in a corner, reading a magazine. The students looked around, incredulous. “24 hours? This guy must be insane.” one said. That sentiment seemed to be shared by the rest of the student body.

You have 24 hours together to get to know each other. By the end of it, you better say 1 thing you appreciate about the other students. We are going to be here for a long time, so you might as well make some friends along the way.


@Arete @sulit @ATNoName @Apprentice @Intensify @Shurian @Zap527 @Amelia @an_gorta_pratai @Geyde

@Wazza @PokemonKidRyan @Italy @KyoDaz @ArcticXI @clonedcheese

marshal you weren’t supposed to tell me i was the drunk smh

Do I just speak or something?


My class ability gives me a gun is that allowed

You may freely speak amongst yourselves, and whisper.

I guess we do.

Hi, I’m PKR.
Law Student irl, Law Major for our lovely Happy Puzzle University.

If you have questions, hmu

what mathematician needs a gun?

Yo I’m Intensify

I do the math.

That’s it.

None of your concerns : )

Actually if you have a gun, gimme it. I upgrade it.


The fact that we have to say 1 positive thing feels wholesome but also I cannot stop laughing.
Oh boy, this feels weird. But pleasant.

Do we have to say 1 thing about everyone individually? Or just 1 thing?