Harry Potter FM - Informed Spec Chat

guess no alts then

although some of the newbies feel very good

Did someone say t-t-t-t-t-t-t-THEATER

All of the scum besides merc are bussing each other

Peak gameplay

That would be false. The host only knows the alts if they have requested the identity of alts.

Imagine actually not doing that

Also light sounds like he didn’t specifically request not to know alts so

This is proof.

@discobot fortune

Does this work?

:crystal_ball: It is certain


The rules say that @Aelin makes the decision on if we are allowed to speculate on alts.

Don’t ruin Eli’s town game.

Why is this an investigative’s fakeclaim?

Fakeclaim is mostly for flavors so they don’t have to search one up

So, since you’re here, can we speculate on alts?


huh what i’d do

No u are not

OK then, I won’t speculate.

Theres 1
I just forgot to tell
Riding is one

I thought Foley was an alt.