Homestuck FM - Dead chat

It’s possible.

lmao I wasn’t lying about my role at all it was a :eyes:

I was pretty sure you weren’t lying App and I’m glad that you won.

I do wanna say Zone did an excellent job of replicating his town game.

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I thought Zone v Leaf was T/T

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The what now?

Oh. Yeah… about that… You might want to read the following quotes:

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Yes he did. His betrayal of me was what truly convinced me he was scum, but I don’t blame him for doing it since I can easily see myself doing the same thing as scum.

What was your reaction when I started claiming my stuff though lmao

I read top half of my classcard and was like dang this would be useful to out but claimvig. and then I read my last passive

Yeah. I knew you were either town or neut from the start, but I can’t exactly do anything about it so… I just ignored you in the end.

That’s because it was TvT. Replicating a town meta on D1 is literally impossible if you rand NK.
So I didn’t lie at all on D1: I legit thought that Leafia had too many abilities for her to be town.


The second thing you posted for the event which mentioned Theta City and all.

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Too bad. I would’ve done the same had I randed town.

Disinterest. You couldn’t do anything until our threads merged, and I know that I will never win as NK, so I just wanted as many people dead as I could get.

I think NK was pretty screwed in this setup though. Like you were pretty basic for an NK in a somewhat higher power setup, and I was literally designed to counter you

By this I mean: “It wasn’t a replica. It was the real thing.”

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All in all, I do agree with you about Kyo Zone. I think it’s very unlikely for him to be town.

Oh. That. Thank you reading it!
If you have read the whole thing though, then you would know that I have written it a couple months ago, so I have kind of already forgotten most of the stuff. I did re-read it and… yep! I still love my own dystopia. It is mine after all. It was kind made for an unpopular mini-game back in NUF, and I was basically its only participant. It got axed because inactivity in the end. …but thank you for reading the whole thing nonetheless!

I can’t wait to see Marshal’s reaction to finding out that App was being 100% honest too.

prettttty sure Marshal is maf

but I wasn’t willing to push him since my thread was pretty weak

I’m trying to decide if Marshal+Hammer is both scum