House Party! [Yay!]

A few days after your friend called you, you see a post on Instagram.

…They were actually serious, Lol.

Welcome to House Party!

House Party! Is a non competitive, no plot roleplay which is basically just self explanatory. You’re at my house partying lol.

There is a main thread, a private thread connected to the main thread, and various private threads. To move somewhere, no need to dm me. Simply express your will to move somewhere either by simply saying “/Walk into the kitchen” or describe it like “Min grabbed their cup off the table, letting out a sigh as they walked into the kitchen.

I’m saying this because my only job as a host is moving everyone. I’m literally going to be in this. As I said before, it is casual. If I get at least 5 people to join this, I’ll start it a while later. If anyone wants to join after it starts, just dm me and I’ll announce you arrived late. Please try to be somewhat active if you plan on joining. You do not have to take this incredibly seriously.

For whatever reason, if you want to whisper, obviously make a dm with your whisper buddy and do that. There’s no need to add me into it, as again this is entirely casual and I have no reason to see whispers.

There is no “secret” or “hidden motive” in this. It’s literally just cringe slice of life. If we manage to start and it dies, I’ll just end it by saying “the cops came and everyone ran away lol” or if it just gets really boring, I’ll say I ended the party.

For any reason, if you need me to create a private dm for a new place such as a store or idk?? A fuckin hospital? The woods? Just dm me and I’ll do something for you.

Please express some sort of want to join, or just say /in if you want to join. If you have questions, ask here as well. If you are inning as some sort of character or oc, just say /in as someone

People in

  1. Min
  2. Firekitten (As Firekitten :joy_cat:)
  3. MaximusPrime (As Max)
  4. Insanity (As the “closeted gay furry in the corner” :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:)
  5. Ami (As the alcohol :wine_glass: deliverer)
  6. Pigeon (Epic friend :heart:)
  7. Eli (As Eli [btw thx for coming from such a far distance])
  8. Wind (As Party crasher x])
  9. Magnus (?)
  10. Emilia (As Emilia)
  11. Arctic ( Homeless guy in my basement LOL)




I don’t believe I’ve seen you before


hiya, i used to play tol/fol a couple years ago but i took a break this year and havent really been on the forums or discord anything

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/in as firekitten

oh shit have i really had the same pfp on the forums for like 2-3 years
damn it’s been a while

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solely to prevent max from doing it

fuck u i was going to do that

wow ok i see how it is ):<

you should roleplay as Maximusprime


I’m def new but I hope to be on this website for a while because friends

Smile emoji

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anyway idc who joins anyone is welcome ^^

damn, i guess i’ll

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/in as closeted gay furry in the corner UWU


Wonderful :sob:

I shall be the new dawn of cringe crusader owo

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So, is there a plot to this?

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