How 2 win @ forum mafia

step 1: sign up for a game

step 2: sub out if leafia isn’t in game

step 3: bully leafia

step 4: if it’s anonymous just bully everyone

step 5: win


flawless strat

ping me if you have any questions I won’t respond to them because this strat is flawless

Why so i keep getting banned for subbing out

because mods are cringe

just do what I do and send them 20 bucks in the mail and they’ll unban you right away

I just ran out of money :(.

Guide cost too much money -10/10

pull yourself up by the bootstraps and become a counterfeiter smh my head

over under for when mods lock this thread isi 1 hour

I take under

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mods will lock this thread because I revealed they’re corrupt

but I will not be silenced

Will you post about it on twitter dot com

How to play fm

  1. Join a game

  2. die


last post before modlock

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cookie thread 4.01111!1!?!?!?

i take over and win



mods will be cancelled

why do arete dat and chloe have to wake up at like 5 pm their timezone smh

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Please do not bully other users


how to be townread 101 on this website



how 2 b townread on this site

act town lmao