How to effectively go about doing d&d and similar things on forum

A bit wordy of title but you should get the point
I have a bunch of polls here about possibly relevant to rp stuff

For poll about availability please reply to op with time you can be available

  • Have Mic
  • Don’t have mic

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  • Has CONSISTENT time when they can be on
  • Time when they can be online is fluid

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  • Can reasonably keep up motivation to keep hosting / playing even if there are off weeks
  • One shots mostly are only things can keep up with

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  • Can play
  • Can host

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  1. I do have a mic but I don’t think it’d be required all the time, right?
  2. I’m sometimes nocturnal and sometimes not. It’s really wavy.
  3. I can continue to play and keep up motivation reasonably as long as the game is good tbh.
  4. I’d be happy to host if I knew how to but unfortunately I’m a complete beginner to this DnD stuff.
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geyde campaign geyde campaign

Main goal with this is to collect all generally useful info in case somebody wants to play / host game

I have a mic, but I don’t wanna speak

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I cant use a mic cuz I’m an AI

To clarify any confusion:
My campaign will be all text based.

Maps will be either in google sheets or roll20; this has yet to be determined.
But there won’t be voice.

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I’m mobile only. I can talk on it… But not read a forum campaign at the same time for example



You can do this in a pm you add only yourself to, you know?

Regardless, there’s a rule against necrobumping
So try to avoid doing it

Oh ok TY.

This would be really intereting. I don’t speak very well but I can try.