How to stop NK from leaving D1

At the win screen display how long the NK survived as a fraction of game length.

Like if game was 6 days and sorc lived to day 3 “Sorcerer reached the midway point” or smth like that

how does this incentivize gamethrowing NKs who hate NK from leaving d1?


I thought they hate it bc they have next to no chance to win, but if their attempt at winning would be officially recognized as “how long they managed to stay alive” at the win screen they would be less inclined to leave

How to stop NK from leaving D1

Report. Review. Hammer.


im not complaining about NKs leaving D1 because it hardly happens anymore, it’s just for those people that hate NK

How would this stop NK leavers?

If someone hates NK, then they are probably going to leave.

People hate NK for (I suspect) a lower than fair winrate, but that’s neither here nor there.


ToL’s NK winrate is actually >proportional by like 2x iirc

That’s really high