Hydra Jailkeeper 9 - Town win!

Quickedits give pencil

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this is a real problem now @orangeandblack5
it happened at least a half dozen times in RMIV when there was never a quckedit
very annoying

at least, where the user in question claimed stringently that they didn’t quickedit
even though i can neither prove nor disprove

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Oh yeah

I have seen that

It’s weird idk but I cba to investigate on Meta

I guess you’re taking my place there now? lol

personally I’m more concerned with the times that autoloading stops

but I kinda figured that was just Xblade paying less than he used to tbh

xblade told me he pays $120 per month for this forum
idk what that means quality wise really

I think my favorite Xblade moment was him asking how much we pay our game hosts


Did he ask that seriously?


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Who is “we”

the users of this forum


I am Baffled

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‘Entrance fee is $5 for a signup’
Imagine that

eevee and I have talked about this in the past lol


Hosting is hard work tho
At least if you take it serious


But like

I would never dream of asking for money for it


I need to figure out how to process actions
My setups are completely original and fun imo but they lack gulp balance



You never responded to this even when I pinged you about it

My response is that I see no difference whatsoever between your tunnels on them D1 there and your tunnel on me D1 in dangan lmao