I want to design a role madness setup, where do I even start?

see title

Is it possible to have a role madness game that is also a 9er? Because I don’t really want to have a big setup.

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I say role madness because I want to have a game full of spicy power roles, and I can’t see a way to have a bunch of vanilla townies/goons in there without them feeling left out.

Run a SFoL. If you can, co-host a FoL.

SFoL 9er idea:
Uses the cards from the next EFoL.
1x MM/CL
1x NE
1x Other neut
6x BD

how about no

firstly way too big

secondly again, i dont really want to run a full role madness game, I’d rather run a game with power roles and VTs and still have them have fun

also i want to make my own setup and flavour, not just use someone elses

Please, please be joking

No, no joking here

4v5 pog

also no prince so no extra kp

setup design is my passion


spetup dgesign

oh god do you not know the meme

you sweet summer child

anyways back on track

so what do i do then

do you want to run role madness or just a setup with some PRs

ideally this

but they need to be really spicy and fun ones

im talking california reaper spicy here

basically is it possible to have a 9er with a couple of wacky power roles and have the non wacky players have fun

there are players who are happier randing VT than a PR so I wouldn’t be too concerned about that

How to make a Rolemadness Game

Do you want to make a game that will undoubtedly be hated on, anger the fuck out of the reviewer, then proceed to get either passed for bad reasons or denied for completely logical reasons?

Well you’re in luck, since rolemadness games exist.

What you first need to understand to make a rolemadness game is that role communism is bad.
Having a fuck ton of strong prs isn’t interesting nor does it work in the slightest
There’s a reason why you’ll only see truly disgusting bullshit in mashes

You also need to understand that super high power can easily backfire in your face quicker than raiding a capital building
This is especially so for a 9 player game


thank you geyde

very cool