Im probably hosting a 1-shot for real this time 5e

this is just an interest check
eevee already expressed interest

just seeing if ppl are interested in it

would be on VC preferably, but could do pbp


/express interest

maybe I’ll actually remember to make my character this time :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

geyde??? being serious??

ok uhhh i have played 5e once and idr much and it was a long ass time ago but if ur accepting newbies then i might join

so interest expressed

will still watch regardless if possible tho

What be 5e?

fifth edition of dungeons and dragons

I might be able to do that probably

game could go past one day and I’d be fine
but in the case it does

I would need times people are available (convert to pst) beforehand



im in the same timezone as you and generally active at the same times too so i should be fine

especially since it’s summer and quarantine is still in full effect here so i can put off my summer online classes (asian parents think i need to learn more and didn’t really learn anything over online classes, which is true but sitll)

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I feel like if you didn’t learn anything from your online classes in the first place having you take more online classes isn’t going to result in you learning more

these aren’t like shitty zoom classes that were super sudden and no one was prepared for

these r more like legit classes and not in a classroom setting cause it’s just completely online (altho someone might check ur work or smth)

here’s a link to a pdf of the player’s handbook
it’s a long read so I can sort of explain what’s up if necessary

ye, i’ll try to read thru it all (and hopefully memorize) before the game starts

if i have questions ima pop it in here

/Low key interest

I never played DnD, so I am interested.
…though I still express great distaste of the American measurement system.


can i get a party level and current party comp

please do, reach out if ya need help

also are you fine if i use herolab for my sheet
if not, i’ll use dicecloud

I’d prefer it not to be VC as I think timezones become an issue etc