Important things to keep track of in logs (right-hand page)

If you’re a brand new noob and this is your first game, just keeping track of the following info will take you to Challenger Tier

In the right-hand side of your log-book:

Someone claims a class? Write that down: 2 - Prince

It’s unclear? 2 - Prince?

They’re confirmed? 2 - Prince!

They claimed only vaguely? 2 - Important?

They are outed by Princess? 2 - KO

The Princess is confirmed? 2 - KO!

By Drunk? 2 - REDIR IMM

By Butler? 2 - OCC IMM

It’s important to distinguish between redirect immune and occupy immune because in some cases it matters. For instance Hunter N1 is redirect immune but not occupy immune.

Aided by CW? 2 - AIDED

They claimed they were bleeding D2? 2 - bleeds n3

Writing the night they are supposed to die is more useful since whether they survive that night gives you clues regarding the existence of healers or whether their bleed claim was fake, etc.

Keep track of all this even as evil. You will be able to deduce Prince and kill him long before anyone else has a clue thanks to this VFR meta

Also for the Princess who called 2 KO: 14 - Princess | 2ko


don’t reveal our secrets

Yes, this is all absolutely worth keeping track of! I try to tell people to track this stuff but I’ve never really written it all out like this, I plan to link this to some people now :eyes:

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I almost never track stuff on the right side :eyes:

you’re a gamethrower though


You have inherited that from me, daughter

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Where do you keep track of stuff then?

Memory, or not at all

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Priestess: “Mechanics are way better than social deduction in this social deduction game”

Also Priestess: “lol I don’t even keep track of mechanics”



He DID claim to be gamethrowing.

Im playing ToL for relaxing and fun
When Im too tired to write down all claims, I just steal the claimlist from a dead BD :stuck_out_tongue:

For me ToL is a game, not a competition. I try to win. I’m not mad tho if I lose. It happens. We are here to have fun with each other. And I absolutely love the mechanics indepth!