Incorrect message about result from physician night ability

What happened?

I played phys and when I healed a guy game said that I was redirected to myself, but healed another guy. See screenshot: I’m 5 (phys), tried to heal 8, but redirected to myself and healed 9 (according to in-game message). 9 confirmed heal.

What was SUPPOSED to happen?

I guess message was supposed to tell me that I was redirected to 9, not to myself.

Steps to reproduce:

I don’t know how exactly this happened since that was cult game and i didn’t know how cullt players used their abilities at night. This could be a result of several redirections from cw / drunk / ritualist / invoker. Also I was heathen (I don’t know if this is important).


This happened today (patch 2.5b)

The “you were redirected to yourself” feedback is a visual bug. You were simply redirected to 9.

What if we kept this for balance reasons.

Like you knew you were redirected, but not to who.

Good idea.
You were redirected to someone, someone is Unseen! Nice lead, let’s exe someone.
So all cw and drunks would be even more evil then unseen themselves.