[Interest Check] i42 Forums Community Play by Post Pathfinder Campaign

Would anyone have interest in playing a Pathfinder 1 or Pathfinder 2 game hosted by me on the forums?

Player/map movement would probably be done in a google sheet

What is “Pathfinder”?

knockoff DnD

yes i’d be interested


It’s basically DnD but more complicated mechanically

im fucking down as i fucking love tabletop rpgs

tempted to host the diplomacy here as fuck you i hate you all and I want to see you all backstab each other

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if i can get 3-4 players im tempted to start within the next day as im on thanksgiving break now and am not going home for the holiday

im taking the rest of the week off as I have PTO and or the boss likes me so he wont care if i fake sick

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well count me

/in as I love DnD and played a pathfinder campaign once so

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so i can slap a character together if you give me the tools to do so

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and i have no job becuase fired/quit from dominos pizza and am too lazy to get another one.

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anybody have a core rulebook PDF i can pirate

i mean borrow


does this work?

yes, i have all the relevant rulebooks to 1e on my dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3ul09mbarenoq47/AABAI6iZLkyHDhj3eMwVHjzCa?dl=0
As for 2e, im not nearly as comfortable or familiar but if anyone wants to try that instead lmk and we can


i actually think i have one hidden somewhere

but its prob on my parents side of the house and its 10pm and i aint bugging them

We could run with 2 players, although i usually prefer at least 3

this has only been up 30 minutes there’ll definitely be more people who wanna join

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i would love to play a bard but i have one question

will this be off forum on a discord?

We can do PbP on the forums